Welcome Message

It is my pleasure to cordially welcome you to the website of St. Francis Xavier’s School, Tsuen Wan (SFXS). I earnestly hope, through this website, you will be able to learn more of our education for young gentlemen.

  • Principal: Mr. Ho Chi Wang

    Established in 1964 by Rev. Bro. Bosco Wei, St. Francis Xavier’s School, Tsuen Wan offers a holistic and well-rounded Catholic education that takes care of spiritual life, social morality, intellectual capability, aesthetic development and physical fitness of young gentlemen. Catholic values lead our strategies of whole-person development for students. The most important of all is SFXS provides a warm family atmosphere that integrates Marist brothers, alumni, teachers, students and parents. Graduates and students of SFXS, who uphold the SFX Spirit, are serving the society in the light of “Integrity & Universal Love”, our school motto, which characterizes the education we are providing to our young gentlemen.

    Throughout the six years of secondary education, SFXS equips its young gentlemen with the prerequisite skills and knowledge that would enable them to be lifelong self-directed learners who can adapt to the ever-changing world. I believe students must, in addition, master two distinctive concepts: (1) self-discipline, and (2) readiness to take initiative.

    Our world in the 21st century is highly globalized and diverging; one can go astray easily if s/he does not treasure principles and discipline. I believe that students who are well-disciplined are a valuable stabilizing force to our future society. Yet, excessive regulations in school may impose unnecessary restriction on personal growth. That is why we emphasize ‘readiness to take initiative’ by encouraging our gentlemen to be optimistic and get prepared to grasp every opportunity in the post-capitalist society. Such an entelechy of ‘self-discipline’ and ‘readiness to take initiative’ is easily observable in the words and deeds of Xaverians.

    All staff members of the School and I are striving to preserve the liberal atmosphere in SFXS so as to allow every gentleman to explore their potential, and to acquire the courage to pursue, to create and to innovate. These expectations of the school, although simple in nature, are in line with those of our parents. To realize our expectations, teachers of SFXS know clearly their role as the learning partners of students. All staff members respect and treat students as individuals they are. In and out of the classrooms, teachers demonstrate patience as well as optimism. We apply various approaches and methods of teaching and learning on students to cater for their individual strengths and needs. School-based curricula are also constantly updated to build up solid language foundation and sound academic knowledge of our gentlemen in preparing for their tertiary education.

    SFXS is never working alone on teenager’s education. Strong connections have been cultivating among parents and alumni to provide unfailing support to the school and our young gentlemen. From time to time, there is congenial assistances from elder brothers of SFXS to our young gentlemen. Not to mention the trust of parents over SFXS as a nurturing and secure place for their child’s education, together with the public praise of heads of various primary schools in Tsuen Wan district.

    In the light of the mission of the Marist Brothers and embracing their caring spirit, all my colleagues and I will help continue the time-honoured tradition of educational excellence provided at St. Francis Xavier’s School.

    Martin Ho