Reunion of SFXS 60s Graduates


Theme : Sweet Memory, Enjoy Future 懷愐過去,享受將來

To celebrate the knowing of one another for over 50 years, alumni are now organizing series of re-union activities.  The following alumni have formed a preparation committee for the forth-coming events, they are :

* Francis Wong 王瑞林

* Stanley Hui 許漢忠

* Lai Kam Wah 黎錦華

* Frank Lau 劉啟鈞

* Jim Lee 李俊儒

* Danny Leung 梁柏偉

* KW Hung 洪國華

* KC Yuk 郁其拯

* Schman Tang 鄧甘棠

Reunion Programs:

1. Dinner Party

     Date: 18:00-23:00, 3rd November 2018 (Saturday)

     Venue: Chater Room I-III, Happy Valley Clubhouse

     Attendance: 15 tables of 12 persons each

2.  China Tour (Zhangjiajie and Changjiang Three Gorges)

     Date : 18-28 October 2018 (11 days)


Members of the Preparation Committee are inviting alumni to join the programs. In order to make their work easier, please supply your contact information by filling in the Google Form (hyperlink:  The Preparation Committee will keep you informed by email, or you may visit this page for the latest updates.

Thank you for your support!